Genie, made by you.

As an open-source virtual assistant, Genie depends on the work and resources of our community to develop new features, support more devices, and build cool new applications.

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Contributing to Genie

We welcome anyone who is passionate about Genie to contribute to the project. All skillsets are welcome.

I like to code.

Developers can make contributions to the codebase. Start by looking at the Issues section to get some ideas. If you have an idea of your own, please submit a pull request.

If you own a device, or know of a service that you want to control through Genie, you can add it to Thingpedia, and have Genie immediately learn about it. Check out our developer documentation and apply to our developer program to get started.

I'm not into coding.

The project currently needs technical writers and marketers to grow the Genie community. We also welcome product, UI/UX, and language interface designers as well as translators to make Genie more accessible to people around the world.

We also welcome material contributions like natural language processing and user behavior datasets.

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